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    From God’s Monster to the Devil’s Angel by Pacc Butler

    Apr 15 • 331 Views • No Comments

    This book details the true life of Luther Butler, the son of an ex Chicago Bears player. To escape the spousal abuse, Luther’s mother left him when he was five. After the mother departed, Luther was now the recipient of the bloody abuse. By...

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    Bullets & Bloodlines 2 by CJ Hudson

    Mar 15 • 1207 Views • No Comments

    One split second has changed Ebony’s life forever. The two bullets were meant for bitter enemies, but instead found a resting place in her mother Norma Jean’s body. Ebony has no idea that the two men she loves the most are responsible for her...

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    Free by Brandie Forte

    Mar 1 • 1054 Views • No Comments

    Powerful, stunningly-beautiful, educated and divinely intuitive, Dream Angelou seems like the perfect package.  The veteran journalist is a HBCU graduate and a proud mother, however, she is undoubtedly dangerously in love with D.C.’s hood’s finest,...

  • Boardwalk Kingpins

    Boardwalk Kingpins by Salih Israil

    Feb 15 • 1652 Views • No Comments

    Fourteen-year-old Mike Clark spends his nights peering out at the chaos beneath his bedroom window in one of Atlantic City’s most notorious housing projects. When a chance encounter with the neighborhood kingpin, Safi, presents an opportunity to do more...

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