• Notes From the Coffee Table Front Cover

    Notes From the Coffee Table by William S. Peters, Sr

    Jul 15 • 806 Views • No Comments

    “Notes from the Coffee Table” is a collection of inspired poetry and prose that examines relationship when things change. The Writer who is the subject examines the variety of emotions one goes through during these times. The Book was written over a...

  • Messy Marvin Cover Image

    Messy Marvin by Kaye Wright

    Jul 1 • 1499 Views • No Comments

    Will I make it out alive? That question was my constant companion as I tried to escape my hell. Marvin can be described as a monster. Many would agree. Hell, most all would agree, but like any other mirage, initially he appears as a perfect package. Loving,...

  • rsz_stf_cover

    She That Findeth by Kim Brooks

    Jun 16 • 1146 Views • No Comments

    Ten years of believing, yet still no husband in sight for Shenita Love. The Bible does say “Wait on the Lord,” which, for Shenita, means waiting for God to deliver her a soul mate. Then again, God helps those who help themselves. On her thirty-fifth...

  • District 69_Cover

    District 69 by Ra’Mone Marquis

    Jun 1 • 1097 Views • No Comments

    Sexuality is something that should be celebrated not hindered. It should be nourished not inhibited. District 69: The Crimson Edition does just that. The book’s purpose is to simply have a good time; to show sexuality and erotica through the eyes of a young...

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