• MBP Cover

    Mixing Business and Pleasure by M. Skye

    Nov 15 • 529 Views • No Comments

    After his past bad relationship, twenty-nine-year-old, newly promoted, record label CEO Jackson Whitmore vows never to love again. With his best friend and vice president, Eric, at his side, Jackson’s main focus is the business, until a beautiful woman,...

  • Book Cover

    Poetry: The Story of His will vs Our will by Tyran Saffold Jr.

    Nov 1 • 1999 Views • No Comments

    Have your thoughts ever been bombarded with uncontrollable voices that keep you from noticing and acknowledging the true power and potential that rests deep inside of us? The enemy tries to attack us in this way. Since he cannot stop us, he will use...

  • VD_FinalCover

    Virtuous Deception by Leiann B. Wrytes

    Oct 15 • 2312 Views • No Comments

    Only one thing stood between Frank Mason and his $20 million inheritance– a wife. When he found, Lisa, he didn’t waste any time marrying her, but their fairytale romance was not built to last. Lisa’s infidelity doesn’t go unnoticed,...

  • up

    Up From Incarceration: Volume I: Dispelling the Myths of the Thug Life by...

    Sep 2 • 2768 Views • No Comments

    When a young man grows up with advantages—a good home, good parents, and educational opportunities—the last thing one would expect him to do is to embrace the thug life. That’s exactly what Anthony Dixon did. During his years as a student at Florida...

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