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    Living in Fear by Keyanna Ford

    Aug 15 • 774 Views • No Comments

    Tia Green came from Kalamazoo, a small town in Michigan. From the time she was a child, Tia had known exactly what she wanted out of life and had already dreamed about how to get it a thousand times over. Tia had always planned on attending the University of...

  • Anthony-Weathers

    Why Ruin Another Life by Micheal Weathers

    Aug 1 • 301 Views • No Comments

    This story was told to Anthony Weathers years ago. Upon hearing it, he felt compelled to write a story based on these tragic, true events. Why Ruin Another Life is set in the 1970s in black Mississippi. It is a generational journey about how lives can be...

  • Notes From the Coffee Table Front Cover

    Notes From the Coffee Table by William S. Peters, Sr

    Jul 15 • 1564 Views • No Comments

    “Notes from the Coffee Table” is a collection of inspired poetry and prose that examines relationship when things change. The Writer who is the subject examines the variety of emotions one goes through during these times. The Book was written over a...

  • Messy Marvin Cover Image

    Messy Marvin by Kaye Wright

    Jul 1 • 1797 Views • No Comments

    Will I make it out alive? That question was my constant companion as I tried to escape my hell. Marvin can be described as a monster. Many would agree. Hell, most all would agree, but like any other mirage, initially he appears as a perfect package. Loving,...

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