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NumberOneFanKindleChase Harper is sexy, intelligent, a style icon, and one of the most popular artists on the Pop/R&B scene. He’s also the object of all his female fans’ desires, but one in particular will go to great lengths for her desires to be met.
As his Number One Fan, nothing will stop Kennedy Hightower from being with her idol. A self-proclaimed loner with overwhelming relationship problems, Kennedy looks to her favorite star to fill a void in her life. Her admiration for Chase becomes extreme when it turns into excessive adulation and infatuation, leaving Chase wondering if he should fear for his life.
Will Kennedy’s wish to be with Chase become fulfilled or will Chase bring Kennedy back to reality?
7 trivia questions from the book:
1) Kennedy will do whatever it takes to have Chase. What do you think she’ll do?
2) Will Kennedy’s wish to be with Chase become fulfilled? Find out 5/1
3) What does Chase do that he fully regrets? find out 5/1!
4) Kennedy’s plan will work, as long as she doesn’t get caught.
5) Chase Harper never imagined ending up like this.
6)  Was their first meeting the beginning of the end for Chase Harper?
7) Celebrity Worship Syndrome. Do you have it? Do you know someone who does?
Four quotes from the book:
1) “Whatever happens, I’ve been here all day. Okay?”~ Kennedy Hightower
2) “A public figure’s business is everyone’s business.” ~ #NumberOneFan
3) “My fans shouldn’t have to be punished because of one nutcase!”~ Chase Harper
4)”If you let us get caught, it’ll be over for both of us! ” ~Kennedy Hightower
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