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  • Whisper’s From St. Mary’s Well

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    “Whispers from St. Mary’s Well” is a fictional family saga steeped in mystery and mysticism. It chronicles the life of Caroline Rose Newlyn, who was born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, in 1851-beneath the veil, predicting episodes of

  • What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas

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    Synopsis: Bed Stuy Author Gregg Burton takes readers away to a world where all bets are off the minute the ship leaves port. What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas lets the reader leave their problems landside, to follow the escapades of an ensemble cast

  • How is AAMBC an Online Book Club?

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    So many of you ask that question and I wanted to clarify it and make this book club blossom even more. What started in 2008 is now one of the most recognizable groups in the African American Literary society. So ask yourself how I can be more involved. We