Book Trailer: You Resemble Death

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resemble A mysterious woman arrives in town and begins working at King Cuts Hair Salon as a receptionist. She is immediately drawn to Bay, who is the owner of the shop. He is still recovering from a recent break up that he had with Jamie, who has not been seen or heard from in awhile.
     Tawny, Bay’s new girlfriend, starts working at the salon shampooing Bay’s customers. The new receptionist is not happy about the situation and begins to put a plan into motion. One of Bay’s customers uncovers some interesting facts about the stranger and confronts her about them. That was not a good idea.
     As months pass by this mysterious woman becomes a nuisance and a pest to Bay. He can’t stand the sight of her.
     Bay’s friends and loved ones suspect that the stranger is a conniving and sneaky person, but they have no clue about how ruthless and destructive she really is. She will destroy and kill whatever, or whoever that gets in her way! Will a secret about her identity be revealed before it’s too late?
-The author of Savage Prey, Shantae Birton, presents You Resemble Death! Be careful of the company you keep. Sometimes being careful won’t keep you safe either.

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