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    Get a social media boost

    Jul 1, 15 • 11297 Views • Author SubmissionsNo Comments

    Don’t have the time for social media? Don’t know how to utilize social media? Or just want the additional exposure. AAMBC now offers social media management at rates that make sense for the author. We only work with four authors a month in this promo to

  • Banner Ads

    Jun 4, 12 • 6504 Views • Author SubmissionsNo Comments

    Do you have a banner ad you want placed on AAMBC’s website? Well for $45 your ad will stay on our site for two weeks. With current traffic of over 10,000 readers per month your ad is destined to be exposed to your ideal audience. Space is on first come

  • Host a Book Giveaway with AAMBC

    Oct 22, 11 • 8737 Views • Author Submissions11 Comments

    Host a Book Giveaway with AAMBC One of the promo’s AAMBC offers at only $25 to the author is to set up your official book giveaway. With the goal of building up anticipation and demand for your novel, there is no better way than to give away copies. You can

  • Host a Twitter Book Party for $40

    Oct 22, 11 • 13653 Views • Author Submissions40 Comments

      Host a Twitter Book Party Twitter is the most effective way to get readers attention today. Considered more of texting, have the opportunity to have readers exposed to your novel through a Twitter Book Party. AAMBC’s twitter account currently gains

  • What Kind of Interviews does AAMBC Offer?

    Jan 6, 11 • 7100 Views • Author Submissions4 Comments

    What Kind of Interviews does AAMBC Offer? Print Interview: This interview will be a written interview placed on our virtual tour blog. We will submit questions to you and ask them to be answered in full detail, edited, and ready for posting. This interview

  • How do I submit a Book to be the Book of the Month?

    Jan 6, 11 • 11877 Views • Author Submissions27 Comments

    Note that book of the month spots is strictly PR work done on your novel by the AAMBC Book Promotions staff. This is not a payment for us to read your book. We will be offering a service to you with the book promotions branch. The cost for a thirty day

  • How do I submit a Book for Review?

    Jan 6, 11 • 11941 Views • Author Submissions15 Comments

    Have your book reviewed by AAMBC’s book review team. We will read your novel within six to 9 weeks and publish on various sites, Goodreads, B&N, Amazon, Facebook, and as well as our website. Do know reviewers are contracted outlets and that we try our

  • Schedule your Virtual Book Tour for $180

    Jan 6, 11 • 8632 Views • Author Submissions4 Comments

    AAMBC hosts a seasonal book tour for four authors quarterly. The tour will consists of many interviews and virtual profiles on partnered sites. Your Virtual Tour will consist of: Over 30 tweets sent out on Twitter to 10K of readers Interview in Kontrol Mag

  • Newsletter E-Blast for $65

    Jan 6, 11 • 6899 Views • Author Submissions2 Comments

       Advertise with an Introduce Your Book E-Blast With over 8500 subscribers and affiliates our newsletters is reachable to many. Inquire to us about sending your book in an introductory email that goes straight to the reader’s home pc. Included in the