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  • Cookie Too: Lyric’s Song By Dee Shana & Tamika Newhouse

    Feb 11, 11 • 5685 Views • New ReleasesNo Comments

    Coming July 4th from Delphine Publications   This coming-of-age tale depicts the life of Lyric James, who grew up in a suburb division of Fort Worth, one of the fastest-growing inner cities in Texas. To her peers, she was considered ugly, the outcast, and

  • The Choir Director By Carl Weber

    Jan 15, 11 • 6550 Views • Book Trailers, New Releases2 Comments

    Coming January 25th from Kensington New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber takes readers back to church, where preaching isn’t always enough, nothing goes better with the Word than a song–and it’s time for some hard-earned lessons in


    Jan 8, 11 • 5884 Views • New Releases2 Comments

    Coming February 18, 2011 from Go Hard Publishing On the crime ridden streets of Dade County flooded with Drugs, Money, Murder, & Mayhem these Boss Bitches are ready for war with ZERO tolerance against anyone that crosses them… When Kim’s husband

  • Betrayed Again By. David Givens

    Jan 7, 11 • 5651 Views • New ReleasesNo Comments

    Coming March 2011 from Trpile Crown Publications Sherrice Valdez aka The Queen Bee is back and this time she is running things.  The money, power and fame are all hers for the taking.  However, all her good fortune isn’t without its setbacks.  In the


    Jan 7, 11 • 5616 Views • New ReleasesNo Comments

    Coming January 22, 2011 from Urban Books California author, Terry E. Hill’s new novel, Come Sunday Morning, provides an insider’s look into the sometimes hypocritical existence of the the country’s ecclesiastical elite.  Sharing the well hidden

  • Women What in Hell are You Thinking Now? By Cheryl Lacey Donovan

    Jan 6, 11 • 5578 Views • New ReleasesNo Comments

    Coming Macrh 2011 from Peace in the Storm Publishing   Women What in Hell are You Thinking Now?   God has a big life for you, one that has peace, joy, and wholeness. His plan includes love and value, purpose and fulfillment, provision and supply. Whatever

  • 16 Years 2 Life By Gia Parker

    Jan 6, 11 • 5593 Views • New ReleasesNo Comments

    Coming in Febuary 2011 from Quil & Tongue Publishing Jaydah was a young girl born into a single family home to a loving strong mother, dedicated to instilling discipline into her young children. From a young age she had adult responsibilities. Her brother

  • Cookie A Fort Worth Story By Tamika Newhouse

    Jan 6, 11 • 5973 Views • New Releases2 Comments

    Coming July 4, 2011 with Delphine Publications Born Latoya James, when starting high school, Cookie believes this is her time to stand out from underneath her sister’s shadow. Always declared the odd one, she makes it her mission to be noticed by anyone who