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    Living in Fear by Keyanna Ford

    Aug 1, 14 • 4998 Views • Summer Tours1 Comment

      Tia Green came from Kalamazoo, a small town in Michigan. From the time she was a child, Tia had known exactly what she wanted out of life and had already dreamed about how to get it a thousand times over. Tia had always planned on attending the

  • Anthony-Weathers

    Why Ruin Another Life by Micheal Weathers

    Jul 2, 14 • 4994 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    This story was told to Anthony Weathers years ago. Upon hearing it, he felt compelled to write a story based on these tragic, true events. Why Ruin Another Life is set in the 1970s in black Mississippi. It is a generational journey about how lives can be

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    Misconceptions by Blu Daniels

    Jul 1, 14 • 5709 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    After finally ending her year-long fling with a man she only refers to as Bad Habit, the narcissistic, temperamental Alexandria Stone moves back home to New York to start her dream job. That is, until she discovers she’s pregnant, with quadruplets. When a

  • Goody Box Cover Front

    The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box by Valerie J. Lewis

    Jul 1, 14 • 8568 Views • Summer Tours2 Comments

    Successful. Beautiful. Intelligent. Yet a satisfying relationship eludes Debra Hampton. At thirty-five years old, she can’t figure out why her philosophy on men—and what they want from women—isn’t working. She’s trapped in a cycle of shattered

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    Thoughts of a 20 Something Year Old by Tahnee Jones

    Jun 11, 14 • 4820 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    Not quite a memoir, but including personal internal issues, the writer chooses to use several animated short stories to describe the different phases of the Black Woman’s life. Thoughts of a Twenty Something Year Old “The Very Essence of Me” is the

  • who i be

    Who I Be by Annie Brown

    Jun 1, 14 • 4942 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    When most people look into a mirror, what they see is unsatisfactory-an image tainted by societies dictates of how we are supposed to look. We were made in the image of God, so why do we waste time and energy remaking ourselves to please others? Scripture has

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    Feel The Fire by Nane Quartay

    Jun 1, 14 • 4733 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    He was easily marked by the color of his skin. Falsely accused of murder in the Jim Crow south, Porter Hurst flees to the north with his newborn son to begin a new life. He hopes to escape the oppression that has ruled his life and build a better life for his

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    265 Point by Tamara Jackson

    Jun 1, 14 • 6354 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    As a motivational health and fitness expert, Tamara Jackson is all too familiar with the emotional, psychological and physical challenges associated with weight loss and developing a healthy lifestyle. Tamara has taken to the Internet to challenge and change

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    BLESSINGS & MIRACLES A Memoir of a Teen Mom Turned Millionaire by Shashicka Tyre-Hill

    Jul 1, 13 • 9718 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    Success can have many definitions, but ask the people who have obtained it and they will say, “I never gave up.” In BLESSINGS & MIRACLES (June 2013; ISBN: 978-0-9893682-0-9; $15.00) A MEMOIR, Shashicka Tyre-Hill shares how life didn’t begin in

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    Miss Nobody by Nicole Dunlap

    Jul 1, 13 • 7086 Views • Summer ToursNo Comments

    ~Deception, greed, and fame dismantle their lives~ Charlene and Raven, mother and daughter, are woven together by blood, but separated and haunted by circumstance: personal struggles, concealed demons and uncovered skeletons. Fifteen-year-old Charlene Shaw is