Review: The Streets Have No King by JaQuavis Colemen

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The Streets Have No King is a classic tale of the rise and fall of beloved street kings. Set in the Midwest, in Flint Michigan, an OG and his protege who share an interesting connection navigate through some hard but necessary lessons. If you don’t know that love is law and family is business, you will quickly find out! There are no kings in the streets, only placeholders and how long you are able to reign depends on how well you maneuver all the pieces in play.

This read is intoxicating and thrilling.You will read to the end and definitely want more. There is a fix for every reader whether you are into drama, mystery, romance, erotica, and even self help. The Streets Have No King is wonderfully written because you clearly see what’s happening, but never know what’s coming. It is only right that JaQuavis Coleman gives us another fix.

Shayolanda Powell
AAMBC Reviewer

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