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fot999bs. LeeDanielle Lewis is a 24-year-old VP in charge of her family’s commercial real estate company. Falling in love for Danielle has never been an easy task, especially when her parents are always concerned that she doesn’t do anything to tarnish their image. After meeting Lucas, Danielle wasn’t convinced that he would be welcomed by her parents. However, he portrayed himself to be the perfect candidate to uphold the family’s name and is surprised by her parents’ approval of him with open arms. After someone close betrays her trust and causes a few skeletons to fall from her parent’s closet, her life begins on a downward spiral. Blinded by love, Danielle is spun into a web of lies, drugs, and deceit. After almost losing everything that she has worked so hard to build, she finds herself at a crossroad. Will she own up to all of the dysfunctions in her life and be able to find true love or continue the charade to protect her family’s image?



“So baby you had to take a peek at me handling business huh?” Lucas asked as he got back into his truck and started the engine. I didn’t know whether or not this was a trick question so I sat in silence.

“Give me a kiss,” he demanded and not wanting to cause any conflict, I leaned over to give him a peck on the lips. Just as our lips touched I felt his hands around my throat.

“Now I know you saw what happened in there, but as long as you don’t say anything to anyone, I won’t have to lay you in there next to the nigga ya hear me?” He asked as he still had his hands around my throat. I couldn’t do anything but nod my head in agreement as tears fell from my face. I was digging myself deeper and deeper into this scheme and was starting to realize that my plan was a mistake. There was no turning back at this point and I knew that I had to see the plan all the way through. I needed him to trust me fully. After he took his hands from my neck and placed them on the steering wheel for us to head home, I knew that I had to make an impression on him to assure him that I was all in. I placed my hands on his lap as we drove and knew I had to say something to ease the tension.

“Just like Bonnie and Clyde baby.” I stated as I stroked the outside of his hand. A look of relief came over him as he looked back at me.

“Damn right, just like Bonnie and Clyde.”


1375943_10201176133581477_1986452594_nBorn and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Mz. Leebra is a southern belle who has been creatively writing short stories since she was in elementary school. While attending Georgia State University, it was there that Mz. Leebra decided to change her major from Electrical Engineering to follow her dream as an aspiring Journalist, and major in Journalism and Professional writing. After taking one creative writing class, this sparked an interest in Mz. Leebra that she had long once forgotten and once again enabled her creative wheels to turn. She currently works full time as a Member Services Representative for a medical insurance company, a graduate of Georgia State University with a BA in Journalism, and a full-time author. While working on her next project, Mz. Leebra currently has her works out entitled, Karma’s Temptress, My Sister’s Deceit, My Sister’s Deceit 2: Nova’s Way and Protect My Image, all available via Amazon and


Get to know Mx Leebra:

  1. What inspired me to become an author? I have always loved to read, and I always told my older sister that I would write a book one day. When she passed unexpectedly, it was a big push for me to do what I told her I would and I completed my first book.


  1. What steps I am taking to build my brand? I have branched out from my publishing company and created my own logo. I now have a website up and running where readers can purchase my books. I am participating in as many book signings in the Atlanta area that I can. I soon plan to travel and attend book signings in other states. I am steadily building a solid social media following. All these things are the beginning steps in making myself a household name in the book industry.


  1. Why do I write? Writing is a passion of mine. I have been creating short stories since I was a young child. (Awards to prove it). I have never thought of it as a job, or a way to make income. I have just always looked at writing as something that I have loved to do. I definitely appreciate the income that is generated from it, as well as the exposure, but honestly people loving my work is what keeps me motivated and wanting to continue to create.


  1. Do I plan on starting a publishing company and signing other authors? At this time in my career I do not plan on starting a publishing company. I am still new to the book industry and I would like to learn as much as I can. For now I will beginto self-publish, and find new ways to market myself to see what works and what doesn’t.


  1. Where do I see myself in 5 years? In the next 5 years, I plan on having at the bare minimum 15 paperback books out and available. I would love to have a major distribution deal with Walmart and Barnes and Noble, but only if the situation makes financial sense. I would also like to be 90% capable of being financially stable enough to live off of the success of my books.


  1. Is there anything that I have done to perfect my craft? Going back to school and getting a degree in Journalism will help me continue to build my brand and market myself. Anyone can write a book, but not everyone has the tools, or want to learn the tools to write correctly. This is where I know my degree will assist me the most.


  1. Who has inspired me? I am inspired by Nikki Turner’s drive. I have grown up reading her books and the way she weaves her characters together is awe-inspiring. I am inspired by Chunichi’s story telling ability. Her books were always so visual and made me want to start writing my own. And most recently getting to know of Tamika Newhouse, I am inspired by her business savviness. Being able to create events for authors is very admirable. Last, but definitely not least, Mary B. Morrison. I was at an event, and the fact that she is very down to earth, approachable, and willing to help an upcoming author out is very admirable. Each author has a quality that I love, and have incorporated into myself and who I want to be as an author.



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