Redemption Lost: In The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino

Michelle Cuttino - Marc AveryHere’s the situation… Anthony Porter, an emerging young screenwriter and closeted alcoholic, loses faith in family and relationships after he learns of his father’s infidelity. Then he meets Essence, a woman with a college degree, her own home, and the perfect smile. Feeling like she is “the one,” he throws himself into the relationship, only to learn of her manipulative and vindictive ways.

The Situation Room with Michelle Cuttino caught up with Marc Avery to talk about his new release, Redemption Lost.

Michelle: Please tell us a little about Marc Avery.

Marc: I’m an introvert, father, husband, writer, entrepreneur, a habitual coffee drinker, and I have an awesome beard.

Michelle: How did you start writing?

Marc: I’ve always had a great imagination. However, it wasn’t until I saw my older brother’s friend’s published book. That gave me the confidence to pursue my own dream of seeing my written words in print.

Michelle: Tell us about your debut novel, Redemption Lost. What is the book about?

Marc: Redemption Lost deals with alcoholism, love, heartbreak, decision making, and the consequences that come with those decisions. It is also a story of risk, restitution, and retribution.

Michelle: Your main character, Anthony Porter, has a lot going on. Why did you feel the need to tell his story?

Marc: I wanted to write a story that reflected inner struggle and turmoil. Most people are fighting for something. Whether it be something they want, or something they lost. Anthony represents the faction of people who are in a constant battle with themselves to achieve the dreams they so desperately want. Ultimately, the decisions he makes will have consequences for him, and the people closest to him.

Michelle: Alcoholism is a serious addiction and a taboo topic. Why did you decide to include it in your storyline?

Marc: I needed an adversary for Anthony to fight against, and somewhere along the line that adversary became alcoholism. Once I did include his drinking problem, I wanted to show how much it affected him, and what he did to shake loose of those demons.

Marc Avery Cover PicMichelle: What do you hope readers walk away with once they’ve read Redemption Lost?

Marc: My hope is that this novel not only entertains, but also educates. We are our decisions, and the better choices we make the better our lives can be.

Michelle: Being an author can open up a world of opportunities. What are your ultimate career goals?

Marc: I’ll give you three career goals: 1) I want to write full time. 2) I want my books adapted to film.3) I want to write a TV show.

Michelle:What has been the hardest part about promoting your debut release, Redemption Lost?

Marc: The hardest part of promoting my work is being noticed in a sea of plentiful options.

Michelle: What advice can you give to others looking to break into the business?

Marc: Be persistent. Keep researching. Have a solid business plan. Build a strong team of like-minded people willing to offer constructive criticism, but also able to help you achieve your goals. Network and build relationships.

Michelle: What’s next for Marc Avery?

Marc: I’m diligently working on a new thriller series. I’m a huge fan of police shows. These books will be in the mold of New York Undercover, Miami Vice and Bad Boys 1 & 2. I always wanted a signature character that could quarterback his own series. I believe I have him.

Michelle: Where can readers contact and/or follow you?

Marc: Readers can connect with me at I’m always posting new content, and I always try to respond to my emails.

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