Tormented Dreams (Miss the Mark Book 1) by Adrienna Turner

mtm_1_finalsmallRoya Whitmore has never had dreams like this before. Could her husband, Solomon, be cheating on her, after three kids and another on the way? More dreams come, and the events of her everyday life begin to match the events foretold in her dreams. As they do, she sees a path of faith and resilience that she never realized existed.


She joins the Alliance Crusaders for Christ, founded by her pastor, Isaiah Williams. She learns that their stated purpose as evangelists is only part of a deeper mission, to prepare the Church to survive the last days.


Throughout this series of apocalyptic novels, there will be references to things you know to be true, and extrapolations to things that are likely to occur. This first book of the Miss the Mark Series places, in a fictional setting, things that do occur in the lives of people who follow Christ, along with miracles and gifts from God. We are never perfect, but we know the One who guides our lives.




Chief commanding officer, Les Blanche’s presence alarmed the Task Force Special Operations officers and soldiers to halt and salute their leader. He stood near the sound booth and stared at the HD screens in front of him. He pressed one of the buttons to playback a report of a CNN broadcast of Salvator Lothar. Les surveyed the room and studied the facial expressions and slight gestures of the men and women as they watched the shortened video on the devastating events of world destruction. Les sought after an immense outcome. He carefully observed a few officers. He saw one praying to her God by clutching tightly on her cross, mouth moving to a whisper unheard to her peers. Another with his eyes closed and head shifted upward as if he was praying in silence. A slight nod by another officer; Les sensed an unseen presence was in the room. He focused on Lothar’s discussion but kept heed of these few officers whom he felt would be a problem. They were not proceeding with the new regulations and updated mandatory combat drills.

“You’ve just seen a series of videos of war among third world countries like Syria and Iraq,” said Les. “Some heads of state are doing this to their own countries as a result of evils introduced by previous rulers. They enforce their dictatorship in their countries with such catastrophic events. It is time for us to reinvent our scare tactics to show these countries that we’re ready for whatever they may have in warfare. Our country is known as the land of the free, and we are free to make our own decisions as a leader of weaponry.”

Some of the commanding officers nodded in agreement. Others stared intently at Les. All were alert, awaiting instruction at a moment’s notice.

“Therefore, as you see this man, Salvator Lothar, is our next standing world leader. He has propositioned tactics for this special force to govern a safer country and a peaceful one. We have positioned each man and woman in this room to be the first to not only protect our country but to receive the implant—this delicate but powerful device—in your bodies. Here watch this clip…” He pressed the next button. He saw their approval nods as the general atmosphere changed, but there still were a few skeptics in the room. He dug deeper into his spiritual sensor and detected that some had Christian beliefs against this proposal of the biometric chip.

Les knew he had to set the example. He needed these men to not only respect him but fear him. The next chief officer and president of the United States would unite all the nations, and also would be willing to exterminate any that didn’t follow his will. After the viewing, he glorified their role, “So, you see how you’ll do a great deed for our country, and set an example for others.” He looked around, noting still a few who appeared to be resolute, and continued, “We will become a safer nation. We won’t have crime or theft because the security measures will track every move someone who will harm us makes. This device, as you can barely see, is only the size of a mustard seed.” Staring at the woman who fingered her cross, he said abruptly, “We will not tolerate any moles, traders, or those who will not take the will of our Messiah.” He heard an obnoxious sigh from someone in the room. His turned his head, and his eyes went to slits after targeting the perpetrator.

On an impulse, he considered the few soldiers he eyed earlier. He sensed their rebellious demeanors while listening to the demands with frequent twitches, holding on to their hanging cross necklace, or praying gesture. He knew they wouldn’t follow the new order. This new mission assigned to him by Salvator Lothar could not fail. Taking matters into his hands, he yanked the gun from his holster on the side of his belt and shot each target quickly in the head. Blood sprinkled on those who stood nearby and on the video equipment near the control booth. Not a stem of remorse coursed through his body. Screams echoed in the room as the gun blasts rang in the ears of the remaining soldiers.

One of the soldiers stepped up to him and tried to stop him, asking, “Who is the Messiah? And why are you killing good men and women? Most of us are willing to do all we can for our country, including taking this device into our bodies…”

Les shot him in the face to stop him. Blood gushed all over the man’s army attire as he fell to the ground in agony, his breath gurgling through the blood pouring from his mouth.

“Now does anyone else have any comments?” Les fumed.

No response.

“Take him to the medical quarters. Get him out of here! I hope the rest of you make the wise decision, and this process will move steadily and painlessly. This proposal is the first that will take place and will become an imminent recommendation for this country to get on the good foot with our Messiah to come. Next, we will work to get ready to reinforce the biometric chip first in America using other tactics, and then many other nations will follow.”

The remaining officers listened quietly and attentively, with masked apprehension, lest they too become the next gunshot victim.

“We will split some of you in various sectors for varied assignments needed in the operation, and others will be in drills to acquire new war tactics. We selected each and every one of you, specifically, for the task at hand. Make us proud. You also will be paid handsomely, as you walk that way, and follow Dr. Whitbacker. Then you will receive a white form that will disclose your salaries and revised job descriptions under Special Ops governmental higher-ups,” Les said in a commanding voice and pointed in Dr. Whitbacker’s direction. Dr. Whitbacker stood upright with his hands on his sides as they buzzed him in, waving the others to follow him through the silver, secured doors.

Les was pleased the first order of affairs was finally happening, and he was easily wiping out those who would refuse. He contacted a clean-up team to remove these dead bodies and prepare falsified documentation to be logged in their secured database. After they finished, he would send out officers to report their deaths to their families.


20160502_181235smallAdrienna Turner is an award-winning author for the female author of the year from African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC): Day Begins with Christ (former title), nonfiction. She is a magna cum laude graduate with a Master’s Degree in Library Information Science from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. She holds a graduate certificate in Legal Assisting while she serves in the capacity of law librarian.

She’s a prolific writer and working diligently on an apocalyptic thriller series called Miss the Mark. She is also working on a fantasy; supernatural thriller series called The Guardian Watch. She also penned as Dream Summore, with debut inspirational drama novel, entitled Mirrors Lie (Book 1 of the Mirror Saga Series).

Moreover, her writing goal is to reach those who have lost their faith, hope, and love. She has also ventured into a virtual ministry July 2010 called Dream Your Reality Prophecies (DYRP) and an internet ministry radio program entitled DYRP Midnight Hour. She was honored to serve under her former Pastors Wilke as a Bible Study teacher, prayer partner, and other assigned duties at Spirit Life Church (Milwaukee, WI).

She has taught teleclasses: Dream Experience Series (DES) since 2010. She was a featured speaker at the Revolutionary Christian Literary Conference—RCLC 2012.

She was nominated for Outstanding Community Advocate by BBCRA (Black Books Club Rocks Award, 2009) and best book reviewer (Prodigy Publishing Group for Dream 4 More Reviews); and literary talk show (Adrienna Turner Show) for the 2010 AAMBC Literary Award also Host of the Year with Facebook Urban Literary Award (2010).

Her passion is encouraging and edifying other aspiring writers to believe in their work, to polish it, and make it marketable. Therefore, she started a literary firm called Dream 4 More Firm to help authors. She now only offers book reviews. She is pursuing law courses and hopes to become a legal professional and wishes to build her firm for entertainers, authors, businesses, organizations, and others in the business of writing.


Get to know Adrienna:


We have Adrienna Turner, author of Miss the Mark Series, and she is showcasing Book One – Tormented Dreams, which has just been recently released. How did you come up with this concept?


I pondered on the book of Revelation and other biblical scriptures that relate to the “last days” or “end times” and prophetic revelations that were foretold by Apostles and Prophets throughout the Bible. I researched it further, which led to a nonfiction book, Unleashing the Spirits, Vol. 1-3 (ebook) that was published on November 11th, 2011. Then, I decided to expand those concepts in a fictional setting and created the Miss the Mark Series.


Tormented Dreams is based on dreams and revelations that Roya Whitmore continually has and she tries to put the pieces together. Later she realize some of the dreams have relevance to future events that will take place. Later in the series, she reminds me of a female Apostle/Prophet John, the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ, who was responsible for some of the books in the Bible.



Why did you feel the dreams were apocalyptic?


I had a dream back in 1996 and wondered if it was connected to apocalyptic events. I recall my grandmother telling me, “pray about it, and then the Lord Jesus will direct you to the passages to read.” Once I read the passages I became convinced that it was apocalyptic. It is also a scene in Tormented Dreams with the gargoyle-like figure Roya had to face after having the horrific dream that relates to an event from the Bible which is soon to happen.



While you’ve outlined some details in your book, how do you see the leap in our society to the Mark of the Beast?


These events are already taking place in various countries as briefly mentioned in the book. It also will be further outlined in the series. But currently, the medically-inclined or elderly, military, and animals already have the chip in them. It has not been mandatory or martial law for all at this time, but eventually it will be. We have satellites, drones, and other technological advances that already have happened and the biochip has been continually introduced since early 2000. Furthermore, we see signs of the times in political agendas and arenas. It isn’t hard to see those social ills and promises as another way to see the Mark of the Beast coming as an economic change.


In your book, you talk about a biochip. A lot of people I know think the existence of a biochip means the Bible isn’t telling the truth about a mark on people, and we have dodged a bullet. Figuratively and literally, does this mean a mark, and why?

In the preface, Webster defines miss the mark as: “departure from a known rule or duty prescribed by God, any voluntary transgression of the divine law, or violation of a divine command.”


In other words, spiritually when looking at the term “miss the mark” is that we are not abiding by God’s law, will, or his commandments. We have missed that standard because of our disobedience.


Figuratively, about this novel, the mark relates to the chip itself. If we will take Satan’s mark, which is the biochip and will be under his control—since we are tracked via technology, and likely will have a brainwashing method to keep us under his will. If we take God’s mark, this is figuratively saying that we have the mindset of God and will follow his ways no matter what (see Romans 12).



The book seems to issue the warnings to only a few people. Why does your main character seem to ignore them?


Unfortunately for Roya Whitmore, she is like the some of us whom do not take full heed to the warnings given or presented, and prefer to figure things out for ourselves. She is a head-strong, stubborn at times, and ignores the warnings presented. Just like Roya, we think we can do things in our own strength, own will, and own intellect. Hopefully, Roya will wise up and take heed to the warnings.



Okay, so you’ve got some dysfunctional behavior going on, which most people do have issues. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t need God. You’re describing things that are pretty close to today’s world, except we haven’t seen anything close to everyone being ordered to use a biochip, which, if it is the Mark in the Bible, everyone in the world would be made to use this, as in a new economic system. Why would this be easy for most people, even some who know the truth?


Just like when technology advances, we gravitate to the newest and latest technological device even if we know it may not be good for our health, good for our psychological welfare, and so forth—we think it is the best thing for us at the time. Therefore, this newest technological advance, a rice sized biometric chip that can be inserted in our bodies, will function as a financial instrument. It will bring some sense of security and freedom to the person regardless of knowing the spiritual and biblical truths concerning the biometric chip being a symbolic notation to the “mark” aforementioned in the Bible. In the long run, we are seeking temporal enjoyment and security instead of eternal restoration.



So why did you decide to release this now? Don’t we have a long time before things go crazy?

This novel itself was created in October 2006 and written within two months. However, over the years, I have rewritten and added more details to it, to relate to the current events as they were ten years ago.  Numerology tells us that the number 10 represents ‘divine order’, and therefore, it was the right time to bring this book forth and linked to the right connections to make it rightfully so. It depends on how you define the term “long,” since, in God’s timing, human lifespan is only a vapor.

We do not have a long time to see things go haywire because we are seeing and witnessing these current events before our very eyes. Natural disasters, incurable diseases, turmoil, rumors of wars and unprecedented wars have and will happen. Other chaotic events are happening politically as well as economically that are laying groundwork for these transitions.

This book calls for preparation, and gears people to be ready.

More important, it lets people realize that what they deem as a convenience may impact their current freedoms – we’re already being asked to be constantly online and tracked –  and that it will ultimately become a rejection of God’s providence.

The purpose of the Miss the Mark series is to highlight prophecy within the framework of what is already happening. We are told that natural disasters and wars, and rumors would happen in Matthew 24, so it is not a reliable indicator. What is an indicator is the increasing dependence on the man-made things of the world, instead of God.


Finally, Adrienna, before we go, have you written other books?


I have nonfictional books entitled: Unleashing the Spirits, Vol. 1-3; Desire at Will; God is in the Equation; The Day Begins with Christ; From the Depths of my Soul (Poetry); and Half of the Battle is to Surrender All I Have (Poetry/Prose).

My fictional book is Mirrors Lie under pen name Dream Summore.

There are portions of six more books in the Miss the Mark Series that are in the works.

You can also look forward to future projects: Begin with Christ and companion journal; and a supernatural fantasy series called The Guardian to name a few.


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